Bracken Fern Mattering

This blog is emerging from encounters with Bracken Fern that have taken place while walking-with Gabbiljee, also known as the watery place at the end of Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River). The blog has been written in response to unfolding tensions that exist between my own relational and embodied encounters with Bracken Fern and local council’sContinue reading “Bracken Fern Mattering”

Troubling the Sit Spot: sitting-with spots as spaces for hesitating

Sit Spots are a common practice seen in place-based programs. The purpose of the Sit Spot is for children to choose a place in the outdoors that resonates with them and return repeatedly to this spot to observe their surroundings over time. It is assumed this practice will assist the children to become better connectedContinue reading “Troubling the Sit Spot: sitting-with spots as spaces for hesitating”

Becoming-with leaf-puddle: blurring the boundaries of place-based pedagogies

This blog is emerging from walks that have taken place in Noongar Country where I am walking-with and thinking-with Gabbiljee. It picks up where my previous blog ends; thinking with and about an encounter with leaf-puddle as it continues to prompt diffractive patterns of thought about otherwise place-based pedagogies.     Image: Attending to the specific details of the relationalContinue reading “Becoming-with leaf-puddle: blurring the boundaries of place-based pedagogies”

Walking-with Gabbiljee

As a settler on unceded Aboriginal land, I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land where I live and work, the Whadjuk Nyoongar people. I also recognise my responsibility to examine my part in ongoing settler colonialism and to work towards a future of justice and equality. The following blogs are emerging from walks thatContinue reading “Walking-with Gabbiljee”